26 June, 2008

Sleep tight

To sleep well is the better way to recharge oneself in healthier and more natural way. The sleep re-establishes our balance and our energies, favouring the immune system. They are worth always the many extolled rules of gold, feeding, physical activity, etc, but to sleep well, to live better day by day, a good bed is indispensable, also as structure and as linen: bedspreads, pillowcases, sheets and eiderdown. For a natural sleep of quality the linen must be sufficient. In reality the sheet coincides with the linen: the word in fact, derived from the Latin: linteolum, linen cloth, and no other woven texture for the night is more hygienic and healthy. For the sleep, an essential moment in anyone’s life, a moment to relax and of liberation, nothing is better than linen: it is hygroscopic, which means it can absorb liquids till 20% of its weight. This means to maintain our dry and fresh body. It is thermostatic: during winter the linen sheet acts as heat conductor, because the capture from blankets transmitts it to our body. During summer instead, the pillowcase and sheet absorb the heat they disperse in the environment. 

It seems that one Italian on five suffers from disturbances of sleep and 14% of chronic insomnia. But recent studies defined that insomnia is not a lack of sleep, but an unsatisfactory sleep, which is the lack of well-being which we should experience while awakening..


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