26 June, 2008


Luxury is free time ..... Between frenzy and daily engagement, the tyrannous time and the appointments of routine, luxury is a pause. A moment to dedicate to yourself while tasting a coffee, exchanging some words with a friendly person or to grant a whim for the pure satisfaction of a pleasure. Luxury is surrounding you with little daily pleasures or sharing with few intimates. Taking care of yourself with calmness and without haste…. A warm bath, a scent of spray in which dipping yourself, listening to a relaxing CD and to enjoy the intimacy of your own house. Playing in bed with our kids without taking care of time that passes… Simple gestures and little details: the washing of fresh linen, the softness of a sponge that sweetly wraps us after a relaxing shower, a pleasant and comfortable bed, where to rest and abandon the rituals of everyday life for some hours. The pleasure of purity and the simplicity to calmly enjoy our home in safety.

Photo ©Vesna Kupresanin 


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