26 June, 2008

The new colours of linen

With the arrival of the spring, is pleased to propose you the new colours of the linen… 
Without abandoning the three dominant colours of our collections (white, natural and black), we have decided to introduce you fantasies and nuance always in sign of simplicity and refinement. 

Briefly we’ll introduce a new line table, perfect for breakfasts outside, grilled in the garden and why not… also for a classy picnic! In the meantime for those who want to take delight in ‘do-it-yourself’, we have inserted in the category fabrics, various new articles and colours available per meter. It stretches, table cloths, accessories… now you will be able to acquire the more apt woven one, in many colours and fantasies. 

Rigorously Made in Italy, 100% linen and compound linen.  

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