15 December, 2011

Give the longlasting gift on hold

The keywords for Christmas are  soberness and simplicity. To face these gloomy days   we suggest you a simple and cheap gift that will really stun home and kitchen lovers. The new  kitchen towels are the proper compromise for a luxurious but affordable treat that will decorate your dinner table all dressed up to the nines. 

We thought of a  kitchen towel for everyone:

Filicudi white lilac striped and Acate model, white mauve striped for a young lady of the house

Filicudi blue stripes, Acate variation in white and ecru striped and ecru blue striped, for a man with a passion for cooking

For those who want to dare a little more, by giving a touch of elegance, we offer black hand-printed wipes with mauve lines, turquoise or green.

Salina Model, simple in white linen or waffle fabric 100% linen, for the ladies who love the tradition and simplicity, a timeless white towel

And if it is red warming up your heart, then white or black  red striped wipes are what you are looking for

All you have to do is choosing between our proposals,  buy  on  line  with a simple click and the gift will be delivered to you or to the addressee in just 24/48 hours, already packaged in a precious gift box.   

03 March, 2011

Rodìa: bathrobe 100% linen waffle fabric

Soberly elegant, the bathrobe  of  the Rodìa '  collection   fully reflects our simple and essential style. The bathrobe is made using a white 100% linen  waffle  fabric, with 100% linen fabric in a matching color. The combination of different materials gives this product a Refined character, finished with big pockets and sleeves trimmed in white  100% linen,  large hood naturally declined and Elegant ,  and finally a travel bag  realized with the same fabric refinished with a genuine mother-of-pearl button. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, Rodia's Bathrobe is ideal for everyday use at home, at the gym and while traveling.