26 June, 2008

The ecological detergents

When we talk about detergents, unfortunately who suffers the most, is the environment. Till a few years ago, to do the laundry we used ash, wrapped up in a piece of cotton, that served as a filter in order not to disperse and not to immerse in the water together with the washing heads. Sometimes they also add some leafs in order to give it a little perfume.

The industrial progress of the last century and the consequent economic development have caused a remarkable increase in one of the most precious assets: w a t e r.

Today’s detergents contain chemical components that, if present in high concentration, can be harmful for human health and the delicate balances of our ecosystem. Since many years companies manufacturers of ecological detergents have searched to obtain effective products, but not noxious for the environment; the result is that the ecological detergents have the same effectiveness of those of petrochemical origin and the differences are indeed amazing. The active tension of the ecological detergents, are obtained from palm and coconut oil and replace the active tension derived from the oil. The microelements, essential oils, replace the synthetic scents, cause of many allergies.

It is necessary to consider that a relation exists, scientifically tried, between using detergents and the health of the skin. It is often stretched to ignore that the detergents remain legacies, although the rinsing, the washing heads, in order then to emit their aggressiveness no more on the dirt, but on the skin.

Therefore we have thought to test some ecological detergents on our heads in linen. The result surprised us. The washed heads were soft and cleaned up. The perfume was absolutely delicate and neutral. Only a small amount is necessary to obtain a good yield. We invite You to read this exhausting guide that explains you the differences between these detergents and those of common use. It will make you think on the fact that using some sagacity must be sufficient. in the gestures that appear daily, in order to improve and to protect our environment that encircles us. 

Thanks to Officina Naturae to that it has allowed to publish and to wite this us post and from which they have been acquired the products for the tests

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