26 June, 2008

Offering an outstanding welcome

Moving scenes, sincere hospitality, simple and genuine kitchen, peasant details and at the same time searched. Those are only some of the reasons that drive an always bigger number of persons choosing to pass their own vacations in farm holidays and Bed & Breakfast, full loads of colours of a fascinating nature, made of scents and silence, unique sensations and always less visited.  Refinded rooms, obtained in ancient dwellings in the centre of big cities;  atmospheres rich of suggestions, sophisticated details in order to offer stays in maximum comfort. 

To give a high acceptance on purpose, where to stay to take time or to revive again the moments of the passed day. Little , intimate and receiving like at home. To guarantee to own hosts relaxing moments  to enjoy the contact directed with  nature also in our own room. Everything always accompanied with a comfort of luxury, simple and at the same time refined, minimal but, also searched. To find all this in the embrace of a sheet, the candor of a pillowcase, or the detail of a napkin, rigorously natural in the colours and the materials. Rigorously in pure linen.

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