14 July, 2008

Linen in the kitchen

Also in kitchen the linen has a place of all respect, indeed exclusive! Very rarely it is used, nevertheless a good kitcken towel can make the difference, certainly if in linen. 

It knows well, who not passes the transparency of crystals or the shine of porcelain and those who love to cook and prefer in marmalade syrups etc… Some time ago in fact, the kitcken towel in linen was of common use and was us

ed to filter marmalade or distilled ones like measles, walnuts, ratafià and many others. In the beginning of the ‘900 in the set of a young bride there were 30 towels for kitchen use and 30 dishcloths for the dust  in linen or hemp. Don’t forget the , which are perfect to dry important glasswork, decanter and crystals, making them shining and immaculate; ideal to put aside fresh paste, ravioli or tagliatelle: it is not sticky and conservation improves, essential characteristic also for cheeses and salumi. Used in the production process of parmigiano reggiano, when it is still morbid,  it’s colle

cted in a great linen cloth and transferred to the appropriate bands that will give it its characteristic form. More sophisticated cooks  use it to filter the soup of the cooking of stew and roast. 

For those who worry about the more resistant spots, we 
will never get bored to remember that, the linen, typical for its recognisable resistance, can be washed till 90° without losing its natural softness. For a perfect ironing instead, only an elevated humidity degree is sufficient.

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