15 July, 2008

Fresh embrace

Nothing better than the purifying carrying of the linen that knows of being cleaned up, after the shower or outside the bathtub. Embroidered and frayed like a time or simply smooth and pure, the towel in linen is the comfort of excellence. 

Different from the classic sponge towels, that one in linen has numerous advantages: it dries the skin more quickly, it is soft, anti-allergic and fresh. 

They dry themselves in a hurry, even if it remains more creased, but who loves linen loves also its folds. Indicated for the delicate skin of babies, for taking off make-up, after shaving and for those who have problems with acne. 

Beautiful and elegant, an irrenounceable complement for furnishing  modern bathrooms: real scenes with furnishings and searched details searched and wisely bounded together between them, in order to make every daily gesture unique.


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verderame said...

the best for all is linen, your blog is very very beautiful:Ciao Marina