04 September, 2008

Linen Union's Shower curtain

In this picture we propose a Blended Linen textile material covered on one side with an ecological acrylic layer that ensuring its impermeability while retaining the characteristic hand textiles (softness).

Manufactured rigorously in Italy, we have tested and tought to use it in order to dress the bathroom with this essential shower curtain, although this fabrics was born like dirt-resistant for table clothes.

The utility of this fabric is the absolute naturalness, more evident in the prominence weft of the linen. The maintenance is as simple as that of any other shower textile material: machine washable up to 40 degrees, easy to dry and simple to ironing  on the not resined side with a maximum temperature of 100 degrees.

We are very excited about this textile’s innovation , a shower curtain manufactured with this natural linen is a wellbeing contribution. It dress perfectly every kind of shower, refined and trendy’s accessory, essential and unique for a modern design.

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