15 June, 2008

There is linen and linen

Many times we’ve heard the question if our linen pricks.

Infact often some  products with label ‘100 % linen’ in reality are produced with another fibre that calls Ramiè. The difference between the two threads is big. The linen (Linum usitatissimum) is cultivated in Europe, while the Ramiè Boehmeria is of asian origine. It makes part of the family of Urticacee. This is the first reason why often a tissue, sold like linen, is something completely different than soft, but rigid and vitreous… almost irritating. But how to recognize a tissue in real linen?


Linen is above all gratifying, warm and soft in contact and is characterized by these grains (technically it is called ‘flames’) irregular and evident. The tissue of Ramiè is smooth, rigid and cold. The thread is regular, almost like cotton. The flames are scarce and less evident. It has an accentuated tendency in hairiness, also for simple rubbing  or washing.


Unnecessary to say that our linen doesn’t prick…

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