15 June, 2008

The future is bio

Recently the exchange of Pitti Filati has been closed, where the dominant theme was the new tendency in ecological luxury.

Everything begins with the special cultivation of the material before obtaining the thread: organic cotton, stinging nettle, soy, broom, corn, hemp, bamboo, bio linen, and that we meet the most: fibres of milk.

The process of dyeing is completely natural and uses only elements like berries ( bilberry, nuts, chestnuts ) roots, leafs and flowers (marigold, hollyhock.. ), species ( liquorice ) and many other products that you can find in nature. The dyeings do not content chemical additives and have good characteristics in resistance and durability in washing and against light.

This new trend,  provided with a careful ‘Made in Italy’, contains a new concept of luxury, made of new textures, soft, with delicate colours and precious harmony like nature itself.

But also out of respect for humankind and nature that surrounds him.

Thinking of our own healthiness defending skin allergies and permitting to breathe in syntonizing with nature.

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