15 July, 2008

Consumerism and waste

To someone it could seem unbecoming and ridiculous that a store draws the topic of the consumerism, but our philosophy wants to go beyond

These days people buy more than really is needed, not really necessity or for pleasure, but for what an object represents, because it is a status symbol. Objects have become so invasive in our life to replace progressively to replace affections and human relations, to soothe insecurities, giving confirmations and feelings of being able and superiority. In the meantime our burn-up level erodes natural reserves of the planet and causes the risk for life on Earth for the future generations. The assets, that were once broken but could be repaired, are now replaced because economically it suits more. 

Perhaps consumerism is a phenomenon born in the mature development of the western, sceptical, individualistic civilization, deprived of ideals and certainties. It’s a question of moderating or checking it and possibly finding a remedy for the disasters that it is producing. Already today the spread of a new sensibility is perceived: building more in the forefront orients itself towards bio-compatible materials, industry renews by reaching alternative energy forms like wind, water and solar. The knowledge that water, air and ground are precious resources, to respect and protect, is making a beneficially road a bit anywhere.

Continuing to acquire assets that last a few years or even a season, because fashion, that is imposing us or because the low price invites us to make it, what is and always will be, with disadvantage and stupid.

Often in fact, behind low prices insufficient quality is hidden, exploitation and lack of respect for the environment. The fact about the law under our eyes, but blind for the craving for buying pretending not to see. Convinced to have made a good transaction, we find again between the hands, a head that after little washings loses colour, softness or even becomes nearly unusable. 

And therefore? 

Our philosophy is also this: to sell a product that will last for many years, elegant classic and, with lines and colours without time, realized with woven natural with all respect for the environment.

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